Bitzer Agency Team
Gary Bitzer
Agent, Artist Development
Gary has been playing music professionally since 1964, fully retiring from touring in 2015. Gary decided to start a booking agency of his own in 1995 in the basement of his home. Since then Gary has created a dynamic booking agency and recording studio supporting national and regional artists. Gary is passionate about every facet of the music industry – from working with artists creating a solid vision and business plan to working with venues to select the artists that reflect their audience. Gary loves sharing his vast knowledge of the industry and mentoring upcoming artists.
Sarah Bitzer
Agent, Office Manager
Sarah Bitzer began working at the agency as a Booking Agent in 2012. Growing up in the music industry, she was quick to understand the intricacies of the music business. Sarah has experience booking national acts and is passionate about supporting local and regional artists. In addition to supporting artists, Sarah enjoys working with venues to select house bands, as well as working to provide artists for weddings, street dances, and other private and community events. Building relationships with venues, buyers and bands are important to Sarah. In her free time, she enjoys time with her family fishing or watching her four boys in their different activities.
Shane Bitzer
All Things Digital
Shane Bitzer’s first memory of the music industry is sleeping in a keyboard case under a stage as a small child. To this day if he hears a muffled bass beat its lights out. In the 90’s he joined Gary in the basement office and with one of the early versions of Photoshop and Illustrator, started creating band posters, press photos, and the first agency website until it had grown into the agency it is today. While he has gone on to pursue other ventures, he continues to be involved in many aspects of the family business.
Peter Niblock
Drum Instruction, Office Manager Assistant
Peter is our contract and ledger manager which keeps things in order around the office. He also runs a drum school, on site, teaching Drum Set Technique and Music Theory. Peter gets results whether a beginner or a seasoned professional. Learning to play an instrument has shown that children perform better at academics, and through feeling a sense of joy and achievement, they develop confidence and self esteem. In addition to being a music educater, Peter writes and composes music, primarily for TV and Film.
Cannon Klocke
Office Assistant
Mail, Posters, Sorting Contracts
Cannon started interning at Bitzer Agency in 2015. He has since, worked his way up to Sarah's personal assistant. He runs the mail room and is in charge of posters.
Jay Juliano
Engineer, Producer
Jay is our studio engineer and producer. Jay is always up-to-date on the latest techniques in today’s world of recording. He is passionate about creating a vision with the artist and bringing that vision to life. He has been a professional touring musician for 25 years and applies that wealth of knowledge and insight to his work in the recording studio.
Sailor Bitzer
Office Assistant
Mail, Posters, Sorting Contracts
Rosanna Juliano
Artist Development